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Secular Workshops

Workshops dedicated to the needs of the secular OA community are uncommon, so we’ve created our own!

Secular Overeaters Workshops

The SO Workshop team offers 4-6 workshops a year on topics such as: Accountability Buddies, Outside Resources, Temporary Sponsor Training, Recovery Strategies, and Recovery Circles. These are announced through the monthly newsletter (sign up here:, on this website, and at meetings.

Secular Overeaters also host Community Gatherings where you can find out about our initiatives, participate in a recovery exercise and hear from a speaker (past speakers have included John S, host of the Beyond Belief Sobriety podcast;  Jeffrey Munn, author of  Staying Sober Without God; and Vera Tarman, MD, author of Food Junkies).

Food Freedom Workshops

Several times a year, experienced secular sponsors lead a series of weekly sessions on Zoom based on our collective wisdom.  Each week we review one of the chapters in our Food Freedom Manual (
Typically, we meet seven weeks for ninety minutes. We also form into small Recovery Circles and meet for an additional hour of social support each week. These workshops have helped many of us to eat rationally.
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Anatomy of Recovery Workshops

Chia presents workshops exploring and demystifying the recovery process:

  • What are the changes in a person’s life that free it from compulsion?
  • Where does the power to put down the spoon come from?
  • What causes relapse and how can it be avoided?
  • Are the 12 steps for you?

Though the content and format of these workshops vary, they all seek to make recovery more accessible to those for whom traditional approaches are not right.  Members of all 12-Step fellowships are welcome.
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Attending workshops helps us dig deeper into our addictions. Collage by Jenny M.