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Our mission is to support an underserved community of atheists, agnostics, and others who seek recovery from obsessive behavior around food and body image. Work on this site is entirely a volunteer effort; donations help support 2 Zoom room licenses, podcast, website, newcomer and sponsor packets, and mailing expenses. (At this time, donations are not tax deductible.) Your contribution, in any amount, will make a difference. Thank you!

Treasurer’s Report

Going forward we will be posting a quarterly financial report here on approximately 1/1, 4/1, 7/1, and 10/1. The funds are overseen by two co-treasurers. Our prudent reserve is one year’s expenses, and as we fund new projects, we also increase the prudent reserve. You can view past reports here.

Oct 1, 2021

2020 Carry Forward: $495 
2021 Expenses: -$1430 (2 Zoom Licenses, Website, Podcast, Newcomer and Sponsor Packets, Postage)
Prudent Reserve: -$1300 (One year’s expenses)
2021 Donations: $2667 (113 Contributions so far, ranging from $5-500)
2021 Balance: $432 (Available for new initiatives and 2022 expenses)

Many other ways to help


We’re looking for volunteets with a wide range of skills and interests to help us launch the Secular Overeaters movement! Use this form to let us know your interests, and we’ll get back to you soon.

Your ideas, resources, and stories

You can also contribute in other ways. Help us find more secular recovery resources for this site to share through links, including published Overeaters Anonymous (OA) content like podcasts and newsletter stories—as well as “outside” content with atheist/agnostic/other voices or secular tools for recovery. And we always welcome your comments, suggestions, and personal shares (written or recorded). 

Please use the contact form to contribute ideas or offer content Or maybe you’d like to contribute your artwork. 

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