About Secular Overeaters

Mission Statement

Secular Overeaters is an informal community and resource hub created to support the physical, emotional, and integrative recovery of Overeaters Anonymous members and others who don’t identify with the traditional 12-Step presentation of god. We recognize that theist and patriarchal language can not only alienate but also cause additional harm to many who come to the rooms seeking relief from compulsive eating and food behaviors. Our mission is to provide secular resources, including literature, podcasts, workshops, meeting listings, and fellowship, and, most importantly, a safe, inclusive space for all as we support each other on the lifelong journey of recovery.

About This Site

This website is a volunteer effort made possible with contributions of content, help, and support from across our fellowship. As our community grows, we will be expanding and improving the tools and resources available here. We hope to support the creation of new secular meetings as well as future workshops and special events.

We welcome your feedback and contributions. Please use this contact form to get in touch. And in the spirit of the Seventh Tradition, please consider making your contribution to help defray ongoing costs for webhosting, Zoom accounts, podcasting, newcomer and sponsor brochures, postage, and other future expenses.   

Thank you! 


We’re looking for fellows with a wide range of skills and interests to help us launch the Secular Overeaters movement! Use this form to let us know your interests, and we’ll get back to you soon.

Photo: USA East and West Coast secular OA members making this website happen. 

Fellows who did service include: Alan S, ao, Ashley L, Carol G, David M, Jenne M, Jim D, Kay R, Laura, Mark S, Martha S, Matt J, Meghan W, Melissa S, Stacie L, and Will A. If you have skills or ideas to share, let us know!