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Steps and Traditions

AA Agnostica: A Collection of Alternative 12 Steps (pdf)
Alternative 12 Step Discussion Guide for Secular Overeaters (pdf, 27 pages)
Freethinker Alternative 12 Steps for Overeaters (No-god version, pdf)
Los Doce Pasos Seculares: Una Breve Coleccion (Spanish translation of AA Agnostica: A Collection of Alternative 12 Steps, pdf, 17 pages)
OA Twelve Steps (pdf)
OA Twelve Traditions (pdf)
Secular Translations of the “God” Questions in The Twelve Step Workbook of Overeaters Anonymous (pdf, 4 pages)
Twelve-Stepping a Problem for Nonbelievers (pdf, 5 pages)

Tools and Process

Accountability Buddies (information, pdf)
Becoming a Secular Sponsor (handout, pdf)
Daily Inventories/Tenth Steps (daily writing exercises, pdf)
Food Freedom: A Resource Manual for Secular Overeaters (43 pages, pdf)
Freethinker Slogan Activity  (Word doc download)
Secular Newcomer Information  (4 pages, pdf)
OA Nine Tools of Recovery and OA Promise (pdf)
OA Twelve Stepping a Problem (worksheet, pdf)
Recovery Circles (handout, 3 pages, pdf)
Sponsor, Becoming a Secular (pdf)
Sponsor, Temporary Secular Step Sponsoring for the (pdf, 6 pages)
Sponsee, Temporary Secular Step Sponsoring for the (pdf, 4 pages)
Temporary Sponsors: Newcomers’ First Twelve Days (OA brochure, pdf)
TIME (Trigger Inventory Management Exercise) (worksheet, pdf)
TIME (Trigger Inventory Management Exercise) (worksheet, Word doc download)
When OA Is Your Higher Power (OA Lifeline story by Alan S that breaks down how to interpret the Steps as a non-believer, pdf)

Meeting Materials

Deity-free OA Literature List (pdf, 3 pages)
OA Suggested Meeting Format (pdf)
OA Suggested Phone Meeting Format (pdf)

OA Foundations

Fifteen Questions (OA questions to help you determine if you have compulsive food behaviors, pdf) 
What If I Don’t Believe in “God”? (OA digital brochure, for agnostics, atheists, and secularists, pdf)
Where Do I Start? (OA digital brochure, general information, pdf)
Where Do I Start? (OA hard copy brochure, general information, free mailing)

Secular Overeaters

Annual Report 2021, (pdf, 1page)
Annual Report 2022, (pdf, 2 pages)
Charter, Secular Overeaters (pdf, 7 pages)
Community Name Survey Final Report, 2021 (pdf, 8 pages)
Community Name Survey Details, 2021 (slide deck) 
Community Name Survey Questions, 2021 (Google form)
Community Name Survey Raw Data Results, 2021 (Google sheet)
Newsletter, September 2021 (pdf, 3 pages)
Newsletter, October 2021 (pdf, 3 pages)
Newsletter, November 2021 (pdf, 3 pages)
Treasurer’s Reports (webpage) 

"Body Dysmorphia." Collage by Carol G