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Secular Overeaters Initiatives

Overeaters was a new community that began coalescing on Zoom in July of 2020, and in 2021 we had a series of Community Gatherings where we identified areas and initiatives we wanted to work on. Several committees completed their tasks, some are still active, and others never really got off the ground.

This year, 2022, has been an opportunity to catch our breath and keep what we’ve started going (Facebook group, Newsletter, Podcast, Website, Sponsor Workshops, secular-specific publications, and free Zoom rooms for secular meetings). We have a new SO Board as of August 2022, and we hope to plan some Community Gatherings for 2023.

Initiative Status


Community Name
We surveyed 168 members from 21 secular meetings to find their top choices for OA Find A Meeting search labels. The results: Atheist/Agnostic/Secular for Special Focus and Secular for Special Topic (Read the report).

Working within OA
We approached OA and asked to form a Secular Special Focus Service Board, which began meeting in 2022. For information contact: After the initial launch, this left the purview of Secular Overeaters.


We have created secular materials and provide free print copies of OA’s Where Do I Start? brochure.

New Meetings
We developed resources for members who wished to start their own recovery meeting (either registered or unregistered with OA):

We completed the Food Freedom manual and the Alternative 12 Step Discussion Guide for Secular Overeaters, and well as many secular handouts.

Sponsor Issues
A committee has developed three workshops and has offered them multiple times.

On the Back Burner

These initiatives did not have enough volunteers to finish or continue their tasks:
Best Practices for Recovery and Abstinence
Special Events

Volunteer with Us!

We need your help, especially people with these special skills:
Admins (answer gmail)
Artists (website and events)
Lawyers (for 501(c)(3) setup)
Readers (find and review secular Twelve-Step materials)
Social media enthusiasts
Sound editors (podcasts)
Text editors (website and publications)
Treasurers (bookkeeping)
Web/WordPress users
Zoom coordinator (assigns Zoom links to new meetings)
Zoom moderators (for screensharing, breakout rooms, and disruptor wrangling at events)

Please fill out this volunteer form to let us know your interests and skills.

"Tradition Three: 'The only requirement for OA membership is a desire to stop eating compulsively.' Just Let Go—Don't Look Back." Collage by Anonymous