Secular Overeaters Initiatives

We are getting busy! At two Secular Overeaters Community Gatherings (SOCG) held in early 2021, we identified several initiatives we’d like to work on. This is a page where members can figure out how to get involved and see the results.

SO Initiatives 2021

Here are the topics and leads from the March 14, 2021, SOCG #2. 

Best Practices for Recovery and Abstinence
Lead: Contact Jen G ( if you’d like to be part of this committee.

Events (Secular)
If you would like to help create future events, let us know!

Leads: Georgie, Jana, and Jenne (, contact her if you’d like to be part of this planning committee.)

Community Name
This Initiative is now closed! We surveyed 168 members from 21 secular meetings to find their top choices for OA Find A Meeting search labels. The results: Atheist/Agnostic/Secular for Special Focus and Secular for Special Topic. The next step is to present the report to OA.

Read the report (pdf, 8 pages) 

New Meetings
If you’d like information about how to start a new meeting, including free Zoom rooms, go here.

Lead: Contact Jim D ( if you’d like to be part of this planning committee.

This Initiative is now closed. We created a newcomer packet (includes OA’s “Where Do I Start” and a secular handout) and are now mailing them worldwide.

To get a packet:

Sponsor Issues
We have held an Accountability Buddy Workshop and Secular Sponsor Panel, and created a secular sponsor kit. New trainings are being planned for 2022.

Working within OA
On hold for now. The goal is to create a Secular Special Focus Service Board in OA.

Lead: Jim (

Tradition 3: The only requirement for OA membership is a desire to stop eating compulsively. Just let go—don't look back.