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Secular Meetings

Being a secular person in Overeaters Anonymous (OA) can sometimes feel like being a vegan at a traditional holiday meal of meat and dairy-eaters where you’re not allowed to bring your own food, and you leave really hungry. Luckily agnostic OA meetings for non-believers are slowly growing. Before the Pandemic there were five face-to-face meetings (F2F) and one phone meeting. During the Pandemic all the F2F meetings are available on Zoom, and new Zoom meetings are being added every month. Hopefully one of them will fit your schedule.

The meetings listed in the table below are all secular meetings. Registered OA meetings can be found at:

Zoom disruptors have hit almost all of our meetings. Please be patient! If you can’t get into a meeting, try again the next week, and be sure to check this calendar for Zoom link updates.

"Thank Goodness for Secular Meetings!" Collage by Anonymous

Calendar of Secular Meetings

The meeting times listed on this calendar are updated automatically to your own local time zone (check the very bottom of the calendar box, on the right, to verify).  

The “+” [plus sign] means that this a meeting that is not registered with OA (for instance, they may be using “outside” literature or alternative Steps).

If you would like to add your secular meeting, use the contact form.