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Foundational Secular Resources

These key resources are can help you connect with other members and deepen your understanding of a secular approach to recovering from struggles with food and eating.

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Resource Manual

Food Freedom: A Resource Manual for Secular Overeaters provides practical ideas and guidance to help atheists, agnostics, and other secular/non-religious people in recovery from compulsive food behaviors.


Secular Overeaters and Friends (in Overeaters Anonymous) is a private group:

Google Group

Secular Overeaters Community Google Group: To join, send an email to

Secular Translations of the “God” Questions in The Twelve Step Workbook of Overeaters Anonymous

Many volunteers shared suggestions for how to rewrite the “God” questions in the Twelve Step workbook. If you have a version to share, let us know (!

God-Free Readings for OA Meetings

Official OA meetings are supposed to use only OA “conference-approved” literature. Here’s a list of deity-free OA Lifeline stories curated by SO volunteers and additional Diety-Free OA Literature for Meetings.

The OA Secular Service Board is working on a Secular Stories Project that they hope will turn into a published collection. Go here and scroll to the bottom of the page for over 30 entries.

Useful Apps for (Secular) Recovery

A list of apps to help you communicate, meditate, journal, log your food, and more. Please add your own favorite apps! For assistance or if you have questions, contact Daniel at


A complete list of secular meetings listed by your time zone:


Look in your favorite app for these podcasts featuring awesome stories of secular recovery!

  • The Secular Overeaters Podcast (mostly recordings of workshops)
  • Overeaters Anonymous Secular Podcast for Atheists, Agnostics, and Freethinkers (mostly 20-minute speaker shares)
  • Overeaters Anonymous East Bay (look for speakers from the Freethinkers Meetings)

WhatsApp Groups