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Workshop: Recovery Strategies for Secular Overeaters 

Sunday, February 12, 2023 | 9AM PT/Noon ET/5PM UK

Join this one-hour and 15 minute panel presentation to hear three panelists discuss recovery and maintenance strategies. Includes breakout groups and open sharing. Register here BY MIDNIGHT, Saturday, February 11, for a reminder and the Zoom link: https://forms.gle/f7bLZvFmdGj9amHGA

God-free Readings for OA Meetings

If you’re an official OA meeting, you’re supposed to use only OA “conference-approved” literature. Here’s a list of OA readings (mostly from books) that are deity-free.

Secular OA Lifeline Stories
Volunteers compiled this list of secular and god-lite OA Lifeline stories for use at secular meetings or by individuals, and they are conference-approved! Your meeting can also make a copy of the Google Sheet and add things like a column to track the stories you’ve used.

Annual Report for 2021 and a Wee Bit Before

Read about what we’ve accomplished in our first 18 months: Secular Overeaters Annual Report 2021

Secular Overeaters Alternative Step Discussion Is in Its Fourth Year

Join us on the third Sunday of the month for an engaging discussion of eight sets of Steps (9am PT / Noon ET / 5pm UK). You don’t need to be working the Steps or the Step of the month to participate! Check Meetings for Zoom link and discussion guide information.

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